Session Pricing FAQ

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Session offers multiple pricing plans to fit your needs, whether you are hosting meetings, all hands, webinars, or any other event. Learn more at:


How is the attendee limit enforced?
Based on your plan, Session limits the number of attendees that can join your session/room. This limit does not apply to the session/room owner or any co-hosts. If you reach the attendee limit during a session/room, the overflow attendees will see a waiting screen indicating that the session/room is at capacity. If the attendee count falls below the limit, the overflow attendees will be let in. The attendee limit does not apply to the number of registrations for a scheduled session.


How is the duration limit enforced? 
Based on your plan, Session limits the length of time that you can be in a session/room. The time limit starts each time the first person enters a session/room. When you are within 10 minutes of the duration limit for your plan in a given session/room, a timer will automatically start and be displayed to everyone in the session/room. This timer is not dismissible, and when it expires, everyone in the session/room will be removed and the session will end. 


How is the recording storage enforced?
Based on your plan, Session limits the hours of recordings stored to your profile. The recording limit applies to both room recordings and session recordings. If your recording storage limit is exceeded, you will be notified via email.


What is a co-host?

Session refers to hosts and co-hosts interchangeably throughout the product - these are users who join a session/room via the co-host link. The co-host link is only available to customers on the Pro, Pro+, and Business plans. Co-hosts can do everything a session organizer or room owner can do, except view and manage the room/session on their dashboard.


Does Session limit the number of registrations?

No, Session currently offers unlimited registrations for your scheduled sessions. For a particular session, if your registrants exceed your plan limit for attendees, we will notify you via email so that you have the opportunity to upgrade your plan before the session starts.


Does Session limit the number of sessions or rooms that I can create?

No, Session currently enables you to create and run unlimited sessions and rooms. Instead, the limits are enforced on a per session/room basis, including attendee limits, duration limits, and total recording storage limits across all sessions/rooms


Can I bundle seats for my team? 

Session currently does not support bundling or workspace management for teams. If multiple people at your organization want to use Session, we recommend either sharing one account or purchasing licenses separately. If you are a large organization, we recommend you contact our Sales team, and they can put together a Business plan package for your needs.


When will I be billed for my monthly subscription? 

You will be billed in advance of each month. 


Can I cancel my subscription at any time? 

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You will keep access to your plan for the remainder of the billing month, and at the next billing date, your subscription will be canceled. Your account will then be moved to a Free plan. To cancel your Session account subscription, go to the Billing and Payments page from within the menu in the top right corner of your Session dashboard.