Issues with camera and/or microphone permissions on Session

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As Session is a web-based application (different to native applications like Zoom), you’ll need to ensure you have granted audio and video permissions at both a browser and system level. As a general rule, the system and browser will try to protect you by asking for permissions every time a new application asks for access to your mic and camera, so you’ll need to ensure you’ve allowed access to Session specifically. You can check this by following the steps below.


Key things to check

1. Ensure that you have granted permission at the browser level for to use your camera and microphone. You should see a pop up when you first access Session. In case this doesn't appear, you can do it directly through the browser settings.

  • See how to do this on Windows
  • See how to do this on Mac

2. Ensure that you have granted permission for your chosen browser to use your audio and video at a system level. You can do this in System Settings. There's more info in the detailed Windows and Mac guides below.

  • See how to do this on Windows
  • See how to do this on Mac

3. Ensure that you have quit any other applications that might be using your camera or microphone - such as other websites or things like Zoom, Facetime or Microsoft teams

4. Ensure that you have a valid camera/microphone set up on your computer

5. Try changing your selected mic / camera. You can do this by selecting the chevron next to the microphone or camera buttons within Session and changing the input.

6. If the above all looks correct, refresh the page and try again 


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