Adding polls and Q&A into your Session with Slido

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You can add Polls, Moderated Q&A and a host of other interactive elements into your Session webinar via our Slido integration.


What is Slido?


Slido is a platform for adding polls and live Q&A into meetings.  You can design poll questions or Q&A sessions within Slido, and Slido will give you a link you can share with your participants during your webinar / meeting.




With Session's Slido integration, you can share your Slido polls and Q&A with your attendees within your Session webinar, without having to leave Session.





Getting Started with Slido


Before your webinar or event, you'll need to set up everything in Slido first. Start by heading to and sign up for an account (if you don't already have one).




Click on "Create Slido" and you'll be shown a menu asking for the details of your webinar / event.




You'll then see your events dashboard where you can start creating polls




Once you have your polls set up, you can then click "Share link" on the bottom right, and save that link for later.




Using Slido with Session


Before your webinar starts, make sure you have the Slido link you got from the previous step.


During your webinar, you can open up the "Tools" menu on the right by just hitting the "T" key on your keyboard, or by clicking on the tool icon on the bottom right.



In the Tool menu, you should see an option for Slido.




When you click on it, you will see a dialog box to enter the Slido Share Link you got from Slido.




Once you've clicked "Share", the Slido bar will open for your attendees on the right hand side of the screen.




Once your are done sharing your Poll / Q&A, you can close the Slido menu by clicking on "Stop" on the Slido button on the Toolbar menu.



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