How to Integrate HubSpot with Session

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We're excited to announce a new HubSpot integration, allowing Session organizers to sync attendee data and insights directly into their HubSpot CRM. This integration is available for Pro, Pro Plus, and Business plan customers.



Automatically create new HubSpot contacts

New contacts will automatically be created in your HubSpot CRM when a user registers to join a session or watches a session recording. Captured data can include all attendee registration data (first name, last name, company, title, and email address), UTM parameters, and engagement scores for individual attendees.


Update existing HubSpot contacts with timeline events

Session ensures that no duplicate contacts are created by checking if a record with the same email already exists. If a record exists, it will be updated with the latest attendance and engagement data through timeline events. Timeline events are added to a contact's timeline when they register to join a session, attend a session, or watch a recording.


How to get started‍

Step 1: Connect your Session account to HubSpot

Login to your Session account and go to the "Integrations" tab.

Click on the "Integrations" tab and select “Connect” on the HubSpot card.

Click “New authentication” and follow the on-screen instructions to authorize the integration.

Step 2: Set up HubSpot contact mapping

Once your account is connected, you need to map your HubSpot contact fields to Session’s registration fields.

Step 3: Map your HubSpot UTM fields to Session’s UTM fields

Each of your one-time sessions collect UTM data, so that you can understand which channels and campaigns drive registrations (and eventually engagement). Make sure your field names match up.

Step 4: Create a new one-time session

Once you complete setup, create a new session to test the data flow.

  1. Go to your Session dashboard and click “Create a Session” or "New".

  2. Select “One-Time Session”, give it a name, choose a date and time, and select any theme.

  3. Go to your Registration tab in the customization menu

  4. Select “Integrations” - this is where you’ll manage any integrations that you set up. Make sure HubSpot is toggled on and says “Enabled” next to it.

Step 5: Register a test email account to ensure the integration is working

Make sure you test the data is flowing properly between Session and HubSpot by creating a test registration. If it's a new lead, it will appear as a new contact. Voila!


Important Notes

To view the HubSpot Activities generated by Session, you need to make sure that you have the Session integration enabled in your HubSpot activity tab.



If you wish to stop sending data to HubSpot altogether, you can “Disconnect” the integration from your Session dashboard.