How to stream from any source via RTMP in Hopin Session

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RTMP streaming is simply sharing content from a media source (entire screen, specific application, webcam signal, from a web application, etc.) to the Stage on Session with the best video and audio quality possible.

The primary use case is sharing a media stream (video, presentation, etc) from a Studio, whether StreamYard, OBS, or another, to a Session webinar/all-hands/etc.


Who is eligible to use RTMP in Session?

RTMP functionality requires a Business plan. Please contact your customer success manager to enable it.


In which themes can RTMP be used?

Sharing an RTMP stream is available in webinar theme sessions for users with a Session Business plan.


Who can start an RTMP stream?

Only hosts and co-hosts can start an RTMP stream; attendees cannot share it even if on stage.


Setting up the RTMP stream

  • As a host, join a webinar theme scheduled session/room in Session
  • Click in the share menu and pick “Share RTMP stream (Beta).” 



  • You will get a couple of configuration options you need to grab and use in your Studio


  • Once your Studio is configured, and you go live, the stream will appear in the RTMP dialogue


  • Click on “Share stream” for your stream to reach the rest of the audience in your webinar theme session:



  • When you’re done with your stream, simply click “Stop sharing” from your share menu:

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