Streaming into Session via RTMP-In

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RTMP streaming allows users to share content from an external media source (entire screen, specific application, webcam signal, from a web application, etc.) directly into Session.

For example, users can share a media stream (video, presentation, etc) from a studio (StreamYard, OBS, or another) into a Session webinar or all hands.

Note: RTMP streaming is only available to business plan customers.


How to setup and start an RTMP stream

Note: Only hosts can start an RTMP stream; attendees cannot share it, even if on stage.

To get started, click the Share menu and select Share RTMP stream (Beta)


Paste in your RTMP url and configure your keys appropriately.


Once your studio is configured, and you go live, the stream will appear in the RTMP dialogue.


When ready, click on Share stream for your stream to be displayed to everyone in the session/room.


When you’re done with your stream or need to stop it for any reason, simply click Stop sharing from the bottom toolbar.