Viewing History for Rooms

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You can access all of your Session history in one place via the History tab at the top of your Session dashboard ( If you are the room owner and you record a session, you will receive an email after each session letting you know your recording is ready.



Exporting Attendee Data

You can export attendee data as a .csv file. To do so, click View all XX attendees near the top of the page. Below is a zoomed in screenshot from the above example page.


When viewing the list of attendees, click the export button to download the list as a .csv file.



Things to Note

  • A history card will not be created if you joined a room by yourself, unless you record the room.
  • History cards are created and updated in real-time while attendees are in the room.
  • Recordings are available within minutes after the recording stops and the last user leaves the room.
  • History cards cannot be deleted at this time.
  • Deleting a room will not affect the history cards associated with it.
  • The links for YouTube videos that were shared using the Share button will not be saved to the room history. Only links shared in the chat will be saved.
  • Deleted chat messages and deleted Q&A questions will not be saved to the history.