Viewing Insights for Sessions

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You can access all of your Session history in one place via the History tab at the top of your Session dashboard ( If you are the session organizer and a session is recorded (on by default), you will receive an email after each session letting you know your insights and recording are ready.


What are Insights for sessions?

We refer to the history pages for specific sessions as Insights pages, which are only available to the organizer who created the session. The Insights page for a session is created after a one-time session ends. Insights pages are private by default unless an organizer toggles a specific page public using the Share page link button at the top of the page.


How can I access an Insights page?

When a session ends, the session card in the organizer's dashboard will have a blue button to View insights. Clicking this button will navigate to the Insights page for that session. Organizers can also access an Insights page by clicking the History tab in the top navigation of their dashboard.


Understanding each tab on the Insights page

There are 4 tabs on the Insights page for a session. Note: Some features are only available on Pro plans and above, such as the Engagement tab, export functionality in the Attendees tab, and HubSpot integration in the Attendees tab.


Engagement Tab [Pro plans]

In this tab, organizers can view a chart that plots the session's attendees, their emoji reactions, and chat messages over the duration of the session. For the emoji reactions, organizers can hover over any section of the chart to view a breakdown of the emojis used.



Recordings Tab

In this tab, organizers can view any recordings from their session. They can toggle whether each recording is made public to their attendees on the recordings page, and decide whether additional content should be included alongside the recording such as Chat, Q&A, and Links Highlighted during the session.



Attendees Tab

In this tab, organizers can view a table with all information collected from their attendees during registration. If registration was turned off for the session, only the Display Name, Time, and Engagement columns of the table will be visible.

[Pro plans] Organizers can toggle whether their attendee information is synced with HubSpot. If HubSpot integration has been setup, this will be on by default for all sessions.

[Pro plans] Organizers can export the attendee information to a .csv file, which they can use to import elsewhere or into another CRM tool.



Chat, Q&A and Files Tab

In this tab, organizers can view all of the assets from their session, including links, images, and documents shared during the session. Organizers can also view the full chat and Q&A.



Things to Note

  • Recordings are available within minutes (depending on length) after the session ends.
  • Insights pages cannot be deleted at this time.
  • Deleting a session will not affect the insights pages associated with it.
  • The links for YouTube videos that were shared using the Share button will not be saved to the links in the Chat, Q&A and Files tab.
  • Deleted chat messages and deleted Q&A questions will not be saved.