11 Delightful Moments in Session

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11 guaranteed ways to get a reaction from participants in your meetings.

  1. Celebrate team members with confetti fireworks by clicking on their video tile.
  2. Hold a vote with instant reactions. Use the emojis in the quick access bar.
  3. Swap your background mid-way through the meeting to match the agenda.
  4. Add the branding of your customer to your meeting. Better, add their website as the background.
  5. Add music to your room using our music tool. Choose from the millions of music available on YouTube.
  6. Multiple users can share their screens simultaneously so you no longer have to go back and forth saying “let me share my screen quickly."
  7. In your waiting room, add a custom background (different from your room background) and a fun fact about yourself in the welcome message to seed good conversations.
  8. Create rooms with creative names like "Coffee Shop", "Library", "Courtside", Skate Park", and "Bar" and have your participants choose where they'd like to meet with you.
  9. Ask if you can record the meeting and flip on the recorder, fast and easy, then share the recording immediately after the meeting with just one click and participants will see the video in HD and the accompanying chat transcript, too!
  10. Big meeting? Use the Workshop or Interactive Webinar theme to change the visibility of the audience.
  11. Open a Gdoc or Gsheet using the integration and start taking meeting notes. Ask if anyone would like to help. For anyone who does, instruct them to simply click into the doc and start writing right alongside you.

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