Creating Session Rooms

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After signing up and setting up your account, you can go right ahead to start creating your rooms. Hopin's Session allows you to create any number of rooms. There's no limit!

A 'Main Room" will automatically be created for you upon signing up. It will be a Meetup-themed room.

If you have already created your rooms, you may want to edit their settings - check out this article on managing your existing rooms to learn how to customize, duplicate, and delete your rooms. 

How to Create a New Room:

  • From the Home tab, click the New Room button.


  • The following window will appear:


    • Name your room anything you'd like, like "Metaverse" or "Living Room."😄
  • Click Create.
  • Select the theme of your choice. You can choose between:
  • Once you have made your decision, click Set theme.


  • You'll then be taken to your new room.
    • Here, you can go ahead and customize your room, and/or customize the room's lobby
    • Try out the tools such as music, notes, and Q&A
    • Copy the link and share it to have others join
    • Click on the Leave room button to go back to your home page


Tip! You can go back to customize your rooms later as well. 

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