The Webinar Theme

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The Webinar Theme is great for public webinars, moderated all hands, and other large events that primarily focus on speaking or presentation content over participatory audio and video for all attendees.

The default layout for the Webinar Theme is a Stage View with No Audio/Video. The stage is permanent for this theme and cannot be toggled off like in other themes. Attendees will need to be invited to stage by a host if they want to participate.


Look & Feel



Emoji Bursts

A unique feature for this theme is the ability for attendees to engage with emoji bursts, which they can smash whenever they want to interact with the presentation. Since there is no audio or video for attendees (unless on-stage), these emoji bursts and chat are the two main ways in which attendees can engage with presenters.


Note: Attendee will not have access to emoji bursts if they are on stage. Instead, they can show emotion using confetti by clicking on the tiles of other on-stage attendees.


Theme Limits

The Webinar Theme supports the following max limits:

  • A maximum of 3000 attendees in the session 
  • A maximum of 8 users on stage at the same time
  • A maximum of 2 simultaneous screen shares
  • A maximum camera resolution of 1280x720p (HD) with 16:9 aspect ratio