The Meetup Theme

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What is the Meetup Theme for?

Our Meetup Theme is great for small meetings and general use. It works for 1:1s all the way up to team syncs of up to 100 Participants.

With this theme, everyone’s video is the same size in the gallery view and everyone has access to the chat tab. You can’t go wrong with this one!

The Layout of a Meetup Themed Room

Here's how a Meetup themed room will look.


The video feeds will take up the majority of the screen, while the chat panel will expand and collapse at the right when opened and closed. 

The information for the Session room will be displayed at the bottom left. The menu will be displayed at the center, and the participant information and chat icon will be displayed on the right.

Learn more about navigating Session Rooms here.

Meetup Theme On-Screen and General Capacity

In a Meetup themed room, we recommend:

  • A maximum of 100 participants inside the room for best performance.
  • A maximum of 16 people's video feed will be displayed on screen. The other participants will be collapsed into an overflow container. 

A participant's feed will be displayed on screen once they begin to speak. 

  • Only 2 screen shares at a time.

Things to note

  • All participants will have access to the Share feature in rooms with this theme. The share icon is the share iconShare_icon.PNG
  • Instant Session rooms will be set to the Meetup theme by default. 
  • When creating a new room, the Meetup theme will be pre-selected, however, you must either confirm or choose to set it to another theme.

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