Accessing All of Your Session History

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You can access all of your Session history in one place via the History tab at the top of your Session dashboard (


History Page

On the History page, you will see cards of all previous sessions and rooms that had more than 1 attendee.


The history cards are sorted in descending order based on start date and time. Each card will have the following information:

  • Image - For sessions, you will see your registration page banner (or session background if no registration page banner exists). For rooms, you will see your room background.

  • Title - For sessions, you will see the name of your session. For rooms, you will see a title based on when the meeting was held and who was in it (e.g. "Morning session with Dave and Amal").

  • Subtext - For sessions, you will see the date, start time, duration. For rooms, you will see the same information plus the room name.

  • Other Icons - You will see on the right side whether the session/room was recorded and also which attendees (or how many) were in the session/room.


What Data is Saved to History?

Session stores the following data for your sessions and rooms:

  • Recording(s) - only if your room or session is recorded
  • Attendees - everyone who joined your room or session
  • Chat - the entire chat history, including links, images, and files shared
  • Q&A - the entire Q&A if you use the widget