What is the History Page?

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The History tab is where you need to go in order to locate information about all your past Sessions. You can also find information here about current Sessions as well.

To access this page, navigate to the Session Home page > Click on History at the top


Here you will see cards with all the meetings that you have held.



These cards are currently categorized by the date that the sessions were held. They are ordered from the newest to the oldest and will display the following information:

  1. A title based on: - whether the Session meeting was held in the morning, afternoon, evening, or night.  - the names of some of the participants and the number of other participants that were there.
  2. The name of the Room the session was held in.
  3. The date and time of the session.
  4. The length of the session or “In Progress” if it is ongoing
  5. If it was recorded, there will be a "play" icon to the far right of the card. (For example, on the card in the screenshot below) 

Here’s a closer look at what it looks like!


What Data is Stored for Sessions?

Session compiles all the data from your meetings and puts them all in one place. This includes:

  1. Recordings (a single session can produce multiple recordings)
  2. The participant list
  3. The chat transcript
  4. Questions asked in the Q&A panel
  5. Links that were shared in the chat
  6. Images sent in the chat
  7. Documents sent in the chat

Top_half_of_single_history_card.JPG Single_history_card_example.jpeg

Accessing Your Session Data 

To access the information for a particular session or session segment:

  • Login to your Session account
  • Click on History at the top to navigate to the history page
  • Locate and click on the Session history card

See Accessing and Sharing Your Session Recordings and Other Data for information on sharing data for your sessions.

Things to note

  • A history card will not be created if you have joined a room by yourself which includes entering the room to customize it.
  • Session single history cards cannot be deleted at this time.
  • Session history cards are created and updated in real-time while the session is in progress. Recordings are available within minutes after the meeting/webinar has finished.
  • Deleting a Session room will not affect the cards and data associated with them. They will remain within the History tab.
  • The links for YouTube videos that were shared using the Share button will not show up in the Session room's history. Only links shared in the chat will be shown.
  • Deleted chat messages and deleted Q&A questions will not show up here.


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