Accessing and Sharing Your Session Recordings and Other Data

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You can access and share your Session recordings and data - chats, links, images, and documents sent within the Session while the Session is in progress or after.

How to Find Your Session Room Data

  • Go to the Session Home page (in a new tab if you are still in a Session)
  • Click on History at the top of the page




On the History page, you will see cards with all the sessions that you have held. These are currently categorized by the date that the sessions were held and they will display some additional information.

  • Click on the card for the Session you would like to access the data for 

You'll be taken into the single history card for your session/call/meeting. 

Information Included in a Single History Card

The room owners and people who access the single history card using the share link will be able to see all the recordings and other data for the particular session. This includes:

  1. The name of the room the Session was held in.
  2. The date and time of the Session.
  3. The length of the Session or if it is still in progress.
  4. The avatar for some of the participants is located at the top left. Hovering over this will show the list of all those who were present:
  5. The recordings of the session
  6. The chat transcript. (Deleted messages will not show here. You'll only see a banner indicating that a message was deleted)
  7. Questions that were asked within the Q&A panel if it was enabled. (Deleted questions will not show here)
  8. Links shared within the chat
  9. Images shared within the chat
  10. Documents shared within the chat


Room owners and other participants cannot edit the information stored here.

How to Share Your Session Data

Once inside the single history card;

  • Click on the Share page link button


  • Next click on Copy link. Send the link to those with who you would like to share the recordings as well as all the other details from the session.


It is not possible to prevent those who you have shared the link with from sharing it with others.

How can I share only the Session Recordings?

You may want to share only the recording from your Session instead of all the details within the single history card. You can download the recording and send it out or upload it to a hosting platform.

Participants can navigate to the landing page of a webinar in order to watch the recording if it was recorded. So there's no need to send them the share page link or to download the recording and send it to them.

Here are the steps to download recordings:

  • Click on the three dots to the bottom right of the player
  • Select Download
  • You can then distribute it to those who you would like to see the recording


Things to note

  • A history card is not created if you are in a room by yourself unless the room was recorded.
  • Data is updated within the single history card in real-time, however, we do recommend waiting a few minutes for recordings to become available.
  • The same meeting can produce multiple recordings. They can all be found within the same card for the particular Session.
  • Recordings cannot be deleted at this time.
  • Screen shares and YouTube videos are included in the recording.
  • Participants whose cameras and microphones were off will be included in the recording.
  • Breakout groups are not recorded. Only the main room will be included in the recording.

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