The Workshop Theme

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What is the Workshop Theme?

This theme is for when the focus is needed on presenters sharing to an audience of up to 100 people. Presenters will be on stage while the audience will be displayed at the bottom in a gallery. The audience's video is still visible, however, it will be smaller in comparison to those who are on stage.

>Here’s what the Workshop theme looks like!


Taking the Stage in a Worskhop-Themed Room

Once the Session starts in a Workshop themed room, everyone’s video feed will be displayed in the audience area (at the bottom) and the stage will be empty. Any participant will be able to go on the stage at this point, or access may be restricted to just the room owner and hosts depending on the settings of the room.

If access is not restricted, participants will see the following as shown below and they can click on Take the stage to go up on stage:


If access to the stage is restricted, participants will see, "Waiting for the host to take the stage" and the Take the stage button will not be present.

Tip: For more information on managing stage access, check out this article

What Can I Do While On Stage that Other Participants Can't?

While on stage, you will be able to navigate all the areas of the room like those who are in the audience, however, there will be some more actions that are available to you. These additional actions will include:

  1. Seeing that you are live on stage.
  2. You will have a larger video feed.
  3. You will be able to present/share your screen and use the integrations. (Room owners and hosts can do it whether they are on the stage or not.)
  4. You will be able to leave the stage.

If you are a participant that is in the audience in a Workshop themed room, you will not be able to share your screen.

Room owners and hosts: Adding Someone to the Stage

You can choose to add any participant onto the stage while you are within the room whether you are on stage or not. There are two methods by which you can add someone to the stage in a Workshop themed room. 

Method 1: Through the participant tab

  • Click on the Participants tab at the bottom right
  • Locate the name of the participant in the list and click on the add to stage icon Add_to_stage_button.PNG


Method 2: Via the options on their video feed

  • Place your cursor over the video feed of the person you'd like to bring on stage
  • Click on the three dots that will appear at the top right of the feed
  • Click on Bring on stage


Once added, they will automatically be brought up onto the stage. 

Tip: Once someone else is on stage, you'll be able to add yourself to the stage following the step mentioned above or you may click on the Take the stage button that will be at the top right. 

Workshop Theme On-Screen and General Capacity

In a Workshop themed room we recommend:

  • A maximum of 100 participants inside the room for best performance.
  • A maximum of 16 people can be on stage at a time.
  • Only 1 screen share at a time.

A maximum of 16 people's video feed will be shown in the Participant gallery below the stage. If there are 17 or more participants in the gallery, the first 15 participants will be shown in the gallery and any others will be collapsed into an overflow container. On the collapsed tile, it would say “2 more”, for example. 

Highlighting Messages On-Stage

Room owners and hosts can highlight chat messages on stage by hovering over the message in the chat area and clicking on the Show message on stage icon.


The message, the name of the participant, and their avatar will be displayed on the stage at the bottom left. It will remain there until it is removed by the host or room owner. You will also be able to tell which message is being highlighted on stage when looking in the chat as it will have a blue background as shown below:


To remove the message from the stage, simply hover over the message in the chat and click on the Remove from stage button that will appear.


Only one message can be displayed on stage at a time. The room owner or host must remove the message being highlighted on stage before they can add another one to the stage.

Things to note

  • Participants on stage are unable to add or remove people from the stage. This is controlled by the room owner and host(s).
  • Other participants are unable to go on stage if someone else is already there. The take the stage button will only show when the stage is empty if the room is configured so that anyone can go on stage.
  • Room owners and hosts can share their screen and use integrations while they are off the stage.
  • The room owner and host can mute you or remove you from the stage.
  • You may leave the room while on stage by clicking on the Leave room button. If you return to the room, you'll automatically be added back to the stage.
  • Participants cannot send requests to be added to the stage. They could let the person on stage know that they would like to be added within the chat though.
  • It is not possible to bring multiple people onto the stage at once.

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