Sharing YouTube Videos

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Session supports sharing YouTube videos in all sessions/rooms and themes. When sharing a YouTube video, everyone in the session/room will be able to see and hear the content in the center of the screen. YouTube sharing is on by default and cannot be disabled.


How to share a YouTube video from the share icon

Click the Share icon Share_icon_NBG.PNG in the bottom toolbar, and then click Share YouTube video.


You will see a popup where you can paste the link to the YouTube video you want to share. Paste your URL in, see the thumbnail preview, and click Share video:

Note: The user who shared the video can pause/resume the video within Session and close it for everyone when they are done. They can also choose to replay the video once it ends.


How to share a YouTube video from the chat

You can also share a YouTube video that is sent as a link in the chat. Simple click the Present button that displays next to a shared YouTube link to start sharing the video to everyone in the session/room.


Note: The Present button will only be visible to those who share the link in the chat. It will not appear for YouTube video links that other attendees have sent in the chat.


How to stop sharing a YouTube video

To stop sharing, click the Stop sharing button in the bottom toolbar. Only the user who shared the video can stop sharing it.


Things to note

  • YouTube videos are included in the recording if the session/room is being recorded.
  • YouTube playlists are not supported at this time.
  • It is not possible to remove the suggested videos banner from YouTube that appears at the end of the video.