Screen Sharing in Session

  • Updated

Screen sharing is supported in all session types and themes.

How to share your screen

Click the Share icon Share_icon_NBG.PNG in the bottom toolbar, and then click Share screen


If you are using a Google Chrome browser (recommended), you will see a popup to select how you want to share:

  1. Entire Screen - all contents on your screen
  2. Window - select from any window
  3. Chrome Tab - select a specific tab in your browser



Things to note

  • When choosing to share a window, screen sharing is responsive to the size of the window being shared. This means that if your window is narrow, your screen share appears narrow to attendees in the session/room.
  • If you choose to share a window, Session will include the sound from that window.
  • Screen shares will be included in the recording if the session/room is being recorded.
  • It is not possible to disable screen sharing.