Screen Sharing in a Session Room

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You can screen share in a Meetup-themed room and when on stage in a Workshop or Interactive Webinar-themed room. 

Sharing your screen

  • Join/Enter a Session room
  • If you are in a Workshop or Interactive Webinar themed room, click on Take the stage. (If access to the stage is restricted, wait on the room owner or host to add you to the stage)
  • Click on the Share icon Share_icon_NBG.PNGthen select Share Screen:


Here you can choose to share:

1. your Entire Screen

2. a Window

3. a Chrome Tab:


That's it!

Session’s screen share is responsive to the size of the window that you’re sharing. This means that if it’s narrow, your screen share appears narrow to your participants in Session. If it’s wide, it appears wide in Session. A best practice is to make sure your screen shared window is “fullscreen” or as close to a “presentation” size aspect ratio. 

Pro tip: If the size of the screen share is too big for you to see both your screen share and the session, pop-out video!

Screen sharing on a Mac

Screensharing works the same on a Mac. However, In case you don't have an option to share your screen on macOS, please make sure to allow the browser permissions to access the Screen Recording. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording. Ensure the option is checked for your browser. 


Click here if you are experiencing issues with screen sharing on a Mac.

Stop Sharing

To stop sharing, simply click on the Sharing button at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, you can click on the Stop sharing button in the small window that appears once you start to share your screen:


While screen sharing, your video feed will become smaller and will be displayed at the top, bottom, or side of the screen share window on the screen. 

Drawing on screen

You and other participants can draw on the screen share window by hovering over the top left of the screen share window > Click on the pencil icon > Select a color of your choice > Start to draw!


For more information, please see How to Draw On-Screen Using the Scribble Tool.

Things to note

  • The sound from your device will not come through when screen sharing. 
  • Screen shares will be included in recordings if the Session is set to be recorded.
  • It is not possible to disable screen sharing. 

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