Joining a Room as an Attendee

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Anyone can join a room in Session, regardless of whether or not they have a Session account.

Joining a room as a guest

  1. Click on the Session link for the room.
  2. If this is your first time using Session, you will need to grant browser permissions for Session to access your microphone and camera. Learn how to configure your audio and video settings
  3. Enter your display name and your headline (tip: it can be anything you want!).
  4. Choose an image and background color for your name label.
  5. Click Join room

If the host has locked the room, then you will instead see an Ask to join button.

Upon asking to join, a notification will be sent to hosts in the room. Any host in the room can accept your request to join, after which you will be immediately let into the room.


Joining a room as a signed in user

If you have a Session account and are already signed in, your name label information (display name, headline, image, and background color) will be prefilled to what you entered the last time you joined a room/session.

If you need to sign in, you can click the Sign in button in the top right corner of your screen. Once you are signed in successfully, you will be redirected back to the joining screen where you can review your name label information and join the room.


Joining a Webinar-themed room

If the room you are joining is setup with a Webinar theme, you will not be asked to check your audio and video because it will not be published in the room. Instead, you will just need to enter your display name and then join the room.


Joining a room without the passcode

If a room you are joining requires a passcode and the link you received does not contain the passcode in the URL, you will be required to enter the passcode before you can fill out your name label information and join the room.


Joining a room that is restricted by domain

If a room you are joining is restricted to only users in a specific email domain(s), you will need to first enter your email address to receive a unique access link to join the room. If the domain of your email address is included in the allowed list of domains for the room, you will receive an email with the unique access link and you can use that link to join the room.