Using Virtual Backgrounds in Session

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Virtual backgrounds can be turned on from within the lobby as well as inside the Session room. Here's how!

  • Navigate to the room's lobby and give Session access to your microphone and camera
  • Next, click on the drop-down icon next to the camera icon


  • Select Virtual Background


If you are inside the room, the icon will be a drop-up (^) icon next to the camera icon.

  • A panel will then open to the right of the screen. Here you can:
    1. Click on None to remove an already applied virtual background.
    2. Blur your actual background.
    3. Upload a photo (We recommend using JPEG, JPG, or PNG images that are 5MB or less. GIFs can be used here as well, however, they will not move).
    4. Use one of the 13 preloaded virtual backgrounds.
  • Click on Done to exit the panel


Important tip! If performance issues occur during meetings please disable virtual backgrounds and reload.

Removing Your Virtual background

To remove your virtual background:

  • From the lobby, or inside the room itself, click on the drop-up/down icon next to the camera icon. This is the video settings button. If you're in the room, look at the toolbar at the bottom.



  • Click on Virtual Background


  • Click None
  • Next, click Done at the top right to close the panel


Things to note

  • This feature is available for all meeting participants.
  • Your virtual background setting will remain for future Session meetings/calls unless you had removed it.
  • Your camera must be turned on in order for the virtual background to show up.
  • The pre-loaded photos of actual physical rooms are blurred by default. You may upload your own room background if you would like it to be in focus.
  • If you are using a built-in webcam or an external webcam has a privacy screen, closing it will not stop your virtual background from showing. The virtual background will still show.
  • Uploaded photos are not saved within the virtual background area. You will be required to re-upload the photo if you switched to another virtual background or had turned virtual backgrounds off. 

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