Navigating a Session Room as a Participant

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The Video Feed and/or Stage Area 

When you first enter a Session room, the first thing you'll probably notice is the main area where the video feeds of participants are shown,


You may also see the 'stage' if you are in a Workshop or an Interactive Webinar themed room. 


The Toolbar

If the Session room that you are in allows for you to share your audio and video feed (this is dependent on the room's theme), you will see the following buttons. It includes:

  1. The microphone icon: Click here to mute and unmute your audio. Click on the drop-up icon to access the audio settings where you can select your device to use for your mic and speaker.
  2. The camera icon: Click here to turn on and off your video. Click on the drop-up icon to access the video settings where you can select your camera and configure your virtual background.
  3. The Share button: Click here to start sharing your screen or a YouTube video.
  4. The Emoji reactions button: Click here to select one of the emojis to react with and to raise your hand. You may use the keyboard shortcut E+1-6 to use a reaction, or 'H' to raise and lower your hand.
  5. The Leave room button: Click here to leave the room or end a webinar if you are the host or room owner in a room for a webinar.


The Participant Panel

If you look to the right of the toolbar, you'll be able to access areas such as the participant panel by clicking on Participant_icon.png. Search for and view the names of all those who are in the room, their avatar, and whether they are muted or not.

You can also copy the invite link from here.

Room owners will have more actions available in this panel.



The Chat Panel

By default, the chat area is collapsed at the side of the Session room. To open the chat panel, click onChat_icon.png at the bottom right or press the C key on your keyboard. 


To close the chat, click on Chat_icon.pngonce more, or use the keyboard shortcut, as mentioned previously. 

The Room Information Area

The name of the room and the logo (if any) will be shown at the bottom right of the screen


Things to note

  • You will also be able to access the Q&A tab by clicking on its icon at the bottom right of the room if Q&A is enabled.

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