Customizing and Branding Your Session

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Session offers extensive branding and customization to help you make your sessions represent you!


How to customize your session

  • Login to your Session account dashboard, and find the card for the session you want to customize
  • Click on the card and then click Customize

You will be taken into the session for you to start customizing. You can also access the customization panel in the session at any time by clicking the settings icon in the bottom toolbar of the session.

All customization changes will be applied and saved automatically while you are in the session.


Edit general settings

You can change your session name, start date, start time, or duration.



Configure security and joining requirements

You can configure all security settings in the Security tab of the Customization panel.


Passcode-protected links

All sessions are passcode-protected by default, but you can choose to turn off passcodes if you want simpler URLs. When you share links for passcode-protected sessions, the passcode is automatically included in the URL. You can also generate a new link and passcode in one click, which renders the old link and passcode inaccessible.


Access restriction by domain [Pro and Business plans]

On specific paid plans, you can also restrict access by domain, so that only attendees with email addresses from trusted domains you choose can register or join.


Ask to join

In rooms, you can also toggle whether attendees need to request to join, rather than being able to join the room automatically.


Customize the background

Browse and search popular backgrounds from Unsplash, or upload your own image.



Add a custom logo [Pro Plan]

Customers on Pro plans or above can upload their own logo to display in the room, or search online for their own company logo to be added automatically. Session currently supports PNG, JPEG, and WebP file types and we recommend 120 x 120 px image dimensions.



Customize colors

You can customize the button colors in your session. These colors include both the button background color and the text/foreground color. You can use the color picker or enter the color's HEX code. If you don’t know the HEX codes, you can use this online color picker as a reference to upload your image and retrieve the color codes.



Configure engagement permissions

Session engagement features are all enabled by default for both rooms and sessions. We recommend leaving them on to maximize attendee engagement, but you can also disable specific features that will apply to everyone who joins. These include confetti, scribble, chat, and emoji bursts (Webinar theme only).



Configure other permissions

Decide whether hosts or any attendee can start/stop the recording, join the stage on their own, or see the list of attendees present in your session.



Customize the stage

You can customize the look and feel of the stage, which is the central area in your session where presenters speak and share content. The background color picker is similar to that in the Colors section above.



Toggle auto-recording

Sessions are auto-recorded by default, but can be toggled to disable before the session starts. If disabled, hosts can still manually start recording while in the session. 

Rooms currently do not support auto-recording, but they do support manual recording.