Customizing and Branding Your Session Rooms

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Make Session your own! Session allows you to customize your room's background, add a logo, and adjust the button colors. You can also customize the look and feel of your stage for the Workshop and Interactive Webinar themed rooms. Let's get started!

How to Access the Room Customization Panel

  • Log into your Session room owner account
  • From the dashboard, locate the room (or webinar) that you want to customize and click on the room tile to access the menu
  • Click on the Customize button


You'll then be taken inside the room and the customization panel will open. Make your changes, then click on the customization icon to close the panel or click on the leave room button to exit the room altogether.

Your changes will be applied and saved automatically. You don't have to click on save or apply, etc.

From within the customization panel, you'll be able to:

Edit the Room's General Settings

You can edit the general settings of your room here which includes renaming the room


Set the Room's Security

You can also control the room's security by toggling it to locked or unlocked from within the customization panel. 

  • Click on Security under the "Room" section of the panel
  • Toggle the setting on to lock the room. (Newly created rooms are locked by default).
      • A locked room means that people will need to click on the Ask to join button to alert the room owner and host(s) that they would like to enter/join. They will then be notified and can let participants in.
  • Toggle off to unlock the room:
      • For unlocked rooms, anyone with the link can join the room at any time.


Customize Your Room Colors

You can customize the button colors here. This includes the button background color and the text/foreground color. Changes made here will affect both the lobby and the room.

You may use the color picker or type the color's HEX code in. If you don’t know the HEX codes, you can use this online color picker to upload your logo or image and it will generate the color codes for you.

  • Click on the word Colors


  • Click on Text/foreground color select a color or type the Hex code in. (Click outside of the color picker to close it)
  • Click on Background color and select a color or type the Hex code in. (Click outside of the color picker to close it)


You will be able to see what the button will look like within the customization panel, and within the room as well.

If you've changed your mind about the custom colors, you can change it back to what was there using the Reset to default button.

Upload Your Logo 

You may add your organization's logo here. The logo will show up at the top left, next to the name of the room. Changes made to the logo here will also affect the room and lobby. 

  • From within the customization panel, click on the word Logo
  • Click on Upload your logo (We recommend using PNG or SVG images 5MB in size or less.)


If you already had a logo and you would like to change it, click on Upload different logo to add a new one.


Delete it altogether by clicking on the Remove logo button.

Change the Room Background

Set your room background by choosing from one of the millions of beautiful free images available to you because of our Unsplash integration. 

  • Click on the word Background within the customization panel
  • Browse through the different photo categories and choose a photo
  • or, click on Search and type in a keyword
  • or, you can also upload your own background image from your device


Tip! You can click on Apply background from Lobby if you've already set a background for your lobby and you would like to use it for inside the room too.

    • The recommended size for room background images is 1920 x 1440px.
    • 5MB is the maximum file size. We recommend using JPEG or PNG images here.
    • GIFs are not supported in this area.
    • Uploaded images will be saved within the platform and can be used in multiple rooms.
    • It is not possible to remove an uploaded image from the 'gallery' if it is being used in one or more rooms. You would be required to switch to another image or background type in the room(s) and then go ahead to remove the image.

Customize the Stage

If you are in a Workshop or Interactive Webinar themed room, you will be able to configure it and customize the look and feel of the empty stage. This can be done under the "Room" section.

The changes that you can make here are:

  1. Changing the name labels
  2. Choose to add music to the stage when it is empty. You can only use one of the pre-loaded music tracks.
  3. Set an animation for your logo and room name that will show when the stage is empty
  4. Choose to animate your stage background.
  5. Set your stage color for when it is empty.


See How to Customize the Stage for a more in-depth article on the above.

Configure The Room's Engagement 

The engagement features of Session are enabled for all rooms by default and we recommend leaving them on, however, you can disable some or all of them if you would like to. These include the confetti feature, the scribble tool, the chat area, and the emoji reactions (for Interactive Webinar theme rooms).

  • From within the customization panel, click on Engagement


  • Next, toggle the different features on/off


You will have the option to disable and enable the emoji reaction feature from here if you are customizing an Interactive Webinar themed room.

  • Close the panel once you're done by clicking on the X at the top right.

Set Your Room's Permissions

Control who can start and stop recordings, as well as who can go on stage (in Workshop and Interactive Webinar-themed rooms) when it is empty. 

  • From within the customization panel, click on Permissions


  • On the next screen, click within the fields to set them to Hosts or Anyyone.


Hosts can add/pull anyone onto the stage at any time if the Join stage field is set to Hosts.

Things to note

  • You can see all your changes in real-time and they take effect right away.
  • Your room must have a background, however, you can use solid colors or upload a solid color image.
  • Instant Session rooms can be customized as well.

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