Session Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts can be used to complete some actions faster while inside a Session Room. 

keyboard_key_edited.png  Turn video on and off

M_keyboard_key.png  Mute and unmute microphone

S_keyboard_key.png Open and close the share menu

C_key.png  Open and close* the chat

P_keyboard_key.png  Open and close the participants tab

H_Keyboard_key.png  Raise and lower hand

T_keyboard_key.png Open and close tools menu

Space_keyboard_key.png  Push to talk**

Command_keyboard_key.pngPlus_sign.pngOption_keyboard_key.png / Windows_key.pngPlus_sign.pngalt_keyboard_key.png  Push to talk

*You will first need to press Escape_keyboard_key.png or click out of the field to type a message in order to close the chat.
**Works only while you are muted.

Emoji reactions on screen

E_keyboard_key.png  Open and close the emoji reactions area

E_keyboard_key.pngPlus_sign.png1_keyboard_key.png  Thumbs up emoji

E_keyboard_key.pngPlus_sign.png2_keyboard_key.png  Party emoji

E_keyboard_key.pngPlus_sign.png3_keyboard_key.png  Wave emoji

E_keyboard_key.pngPlus_sign.png4_keyboard_key.png  Heart eyes emoji

E_keyboard_key.pngPlus_sign.png5_keyboard_key.png  Dollar wings emoji

E_keyboard_key.pngPlus_sign.png6_keyboard_key.png  Joy emoji

Tip: If you press E_keyboard_key.png to open the emoji reaction menu, you can then press on the corresponding number on the keyboard to select the emoji of your choice. Alternatively, you can click on them to react as well.

The following keyboard shortcuts only work while you are inside a Session Room. They do not work in other areas of the platform such as in the lobby.

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