Breakout Groups FAQs

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How Breakout Groups Work In Hopin Session

Breakout groups divide people up into smaller groups. This feature is beneficial for training workshops, learning and development programs, team gatherings, webinars, socials, and more.

Breakout Groups FAQs

The following FAQs will help you know how to successfully use breakout groups in Session.

Q: Where do you enable breakout groups?

  • A: Click on the Tools icon at the bottom right
  • Click Breakouts

  • Next, choose how many groups you'd like to create.

The number of people per group will automatically adjust depending on how many groups you have. You can adjust this is the next step.
  • Click on Breakout

Q: How many people can fit in a breakout room?
A: The limit is the same as the main room — 100 people.

Q: Who can create breakout groups in a Session?
A: Only room owners and hosts can create and manage breakout groups in Session.

Q: How many breakout groups can you have?
Four is the default maximum until more participants are added. For example, you can add a fifth breakout room when a fifth participant joins. There must be at least one person in one breakout group in order to proceed.

Q: Can you place participants in breakout groups at random?
A: Yes, Session can auto-assign participants in a random breakout group.

Q: Can you assign participants to specific breakout groups?
Yes, you can move participants to specific breakout groups.

Q: How do you move people between breakout groups?
A: You have three options.

You can auto-assign everyone.

You can click Shuffle to randomly re-assign everyone to a group.

You can manually add people to groups using the control button to the right of the participant's name. Like this:

Once selected, you choose which group you'd like to move the participant to.

Q: Can you send a message to all groups simultaneously?
A: Yes, you can send an announcement message to all groups in the chat by checking the box Broadcast message to all breakout groups.

Q: Can you set a timer for breakout groups?
Not at this time, but soon. Please let us know if this is a priority for you.

Q: Are breakout groups recorded?
A: Not at this time, but soon. Please let us know if this is a priority for you.

Q: Can a host “float” between breakout groups?
Yes. To not be assigned to a breakout group, check this box in setup.

Q: Can you change the names of the breakout rooms?
A: Yes. Select the Edit button next to the group name and you'll be able to edit the name of the group. It will look like this:

Q: Can breakout rooms be customized like main rooms (i.e., wallpaper)?
Not at this time, but soon. Please let us know if this is a priority for you.

Q: What happens when I end breakout groups?
A: When you click End breakouts, you'll receive a verification box like this:

Clicking End breakouts will bring everyone back into the main group and close out the rooms they were in.

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