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Frequently Asked Questions About Session Rooms

Q: What are Session rooms?
A: Think of a room, but virtual. You can have different rooms for different purposes or a single room that you use for everything. Your choice! They can be locked or unlocked, and you can use preloaded themes to set the layout of your rooms.

Q: How many rooms can I create?
A: There is no limit to the number of Session rooms that you can create. Have as many as you would like.

Q: Can I delete my rooms?
A: Yes. You can delete your rooms. Please note that deleted Session rooms cannot be recovered. Check out the How to Delete a Session Room to learn how to.

Q: What are the different room themes?
A: We currently have three themes that you can choose from, they are Meetup, Workshop, and Interactive Webinar.

The Meetup theme is great for standard meetings of up to 100 participants. The Workshop theme is for when the focus is on one or two presenters sharing to a larger audience of up to 100. The Interactive Webinar theme is great for 3000 people and is similar to the Workshop theme but the audience is in chat mode only, no video. This theme is great for Q&As and streaming.

Q: Apart from the theme, can I customize my rooms?
A: Yes! You can change the background of your rooms, customize the button colors and stage if the room has one, as well as add your organizationā€™s logo. You can also set your room's security (lock and unlock), as well as customization engagement features. The same can be done for a room lobby.

Q: How can I change the theme of an existing room?
A: It is not possible to change the theme for an existing room. You would be required to create a new room with a different theme.

Q: How are Session rooms ordered and can I manually change this?
A: They are automatically arranged in chronological order based on when the rooms were last used. It is not possible to change how they are arranged at this time.

Q: Can I filter or change the views for my Session rooms?
A: No. It is not possible to filter your rooms or change the views on the dashboard at this time.

Q: Can I restrict access to Session rooms?

A: Yes. Session rooms can be locked and participants would be required to click on the Ask to join button and wait to be approved to enter. See Managing Participant Entry Into Locked Rooms.

Q: Can I configure a room so that a password is required?
A: It is not possible to set passcodes for Session rooms at this time. We are working on this though!

Q: Can I mute or remove participants?
A: Yes. Participants can be muted and removed from the room by the room owner and hosts.

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