Navigating Breakout Groups as a Participant

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When attending a Session meeting/call/webinar, the room owner or host may choose to use the breakout feature to assign you to a smaller group for a while. 

How to Join a Breakout Group

The room owner or host will create the breakout groups and assign you to a group automatically or manually. Once this is done and they start the breakout, you will only need to click on Continue from your end on the window that will appear. 


Sending Broadcast Messages in Breakout Groups

The Session chat will have all of the same functionalities that are available to you within the main room. However, you will be able to send broadcast messages within breakout groups. These messages will be visible to everyone in the Session. 

  • From within the breakout group, click on the chat icon at the bottom right to open the chat panel
  • Check the box next to "Broadcast message to all breakout groups."
  • Type your message and click on the Send icon or press Enter on your keyboard.

Broadcast messages are highlighted with the message, "Message broadcast to all breakout rooms" below it. 


Switching between Breakout Groups

You can choose to go into a different breakout room if you would like. To do this:

  • Click on View all groups within the banner at the top of the page


  • Click on Join this group


What Happens if I Join a Meeting When Breakout is Already in Progress?

If you join a Session with breakout groups in progress, you will be automatically assigned to a group. Simply click on Continue to start taking part in the group.


How to Leave a Breakout Group

If you'd like to leave the breakout group before the host brings you back to the main room, you can! To do this:

  • Click on Return to main room at the top right from within the breakout group


  • That's it. You'll be taken back to the main group. 

You can rejoin the breakout group that you were in prior to leaving by clicking on Rejoin Group B, for example. You won't be able to rejoin once the room owner or host ends the breakout group segment though.

Tip: If you want to leave the meeting altogether, click on the Leave room button Leave_room_icon.JPG from inside the breakout group.

Things to note

  • You will be able to see messages that were sent in a breakout group before you joined. 
  • Leaving a breakout group that you were in by yourself will cause it to disappear from the host's view unless you rejoin it.
  • Breakouts cannot be recorded. If the recording was started before breakouts started, only the main room will be recorded.
  • All participants will be notified that breakouts are ending. There's a 30-second timer.

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