Participating in Breakout Groups

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Breakout groups are available in both rooms and sessions. Any host can start breakout groups, which can be setup dynamically while in the session/room. As an attendee, you can move between your breakout group and the main room.


Joining a breakout group

When a host starts breakouts, you will see a popup that informs you which breakout group you are in and how many other attendees are in the group. Upon clicking Accept, you will be moved into your breakout group.


Sending broadcasts messages in breakouts

You can chat within your breakout group and also broadcast chat messages to all breakout groups. These messages will be highlighted in the chat panel for others to see.



Joining a session after breakouts have started

If you join a session/room while breakouts are in progress, you will be automatically assigned to a group. When you enter, you will see the similar popup to what you would see as if you were in the session/room and assigned to a breakout group. Upon clicking Accept, you will be moved into your breakout group.


Leaving a breakout group

If you would like to leave your breakout group before a host ends breakouts, you can do so at any time by clicking Return to main room in the top bar of your screen. When you are back in the main room, you can rejoin your same group again in the top bar.


Ending breakouts

When a host ends breakouts, everyone will be notified with a popup and a 30-second countdown timer will begin counting down in the top right corner of the screen.


Things to note

  • If you join later, you will be able to see previous chat messages in breakout groups.
  • Every attendee has the ability to broadcast chat messages to all breakout groups.
  • Breakouts are not recorded. Only the main session/room will be recorded.
  • Hosts are required to manually end breakouts; this cannot be done automatically.
  • Leaving a breakout group that you were in alone will cause it to disappear from the host view unless you rejoin it.