Creating and Managing Breakout Groups

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Breakout groups divide people up into smaller groups. This is beneficial for training workshops, learning and development programs, team gatherings, webinars, socials, and more.

Only room owners are hosts can start and end breakouts.

How to Create Breakout Groups in Session

  • Enter the Session room while logged into your room owner account or using the host join link
  • Click on the tools icon at the bottom right


  • Select Breakouts


  • Select the number of breakout groups that you would like to create. You will be advised how many participants will be in each group based on how many are in the room.


  • Optional: Exclude yourself from breakouts under the preferences section to remain in the main room.


  • Optional: Enable the timer feature by toggling it on and set your desired time. The timer will be displayed at the top left of the breakouts rooms as well as the main rooms. See our article for more information on how to use the timer feature.


  • Click on Next
  • The Participants will then be randomly assigned to a group
  • Optional: Click on the pencil icon next to the group names to change it to a name of your choice. By default, breakout groups are named using the first 6 letters of the alphabet.


  • Optional: Move participants around manually using the Move participants iconmceclip1.png or click on the Shuffle button to do this automatically.


  • Optional: Click on + Add another group to create more breakout groups.
  • If you've changed your mind about how many groups you want to have, click on the Remove group icon (trash can) next to the group to delete it. (If you delete a group, participants will automatically be moved to the other existing groups). Alternatively, you may use the Back button.
  • Click on Breakout. That's it!
  • Participants will be required to click on Continue from their end to be taken into the breakout room.

It is not possible to edit breakout group names or move participants around once the breakout is in progress. Additionally, participants who enter the room after breakouts have started will be automatically assigned to a group. 

Managing Breakout Groups

Once the breakout groups are in progress, a banner will appear at the top of your screen. From there, you can choose to:

  • View All Groups: Use this option to view the groups and join each group to take part temporarily.



  • End Breakouts: Use this option to end the breakout groups and bring everyone back to the main room. You will be required to confirm this action.

If you are using a timer, this will not automatically end the breakouts when it is up. This has to be done manually by the room owner or host.

  • Return to main room: This option will appear if you have joined a breakout group. Click on Return to main room to exit the group that you are in and go back to the main room. If you were in a room you will have the option to re-join the group after leaving.


Messaging in Breakout Groups and Sending Broadcasts

You can send broadcast messages to all breakout rooms while in the main room. 

  • Click on the chat icon at the bottom right
  • By default, the box next to Broadcast message to all breakout groups will be checked. Type your message in and send it. 

Broadcast messages will be highlighted within the chat panel.


If you are in a breakout group, you will need to check the box yourself in order to send a broadcast message. Otherwise, you can just send a message as normal so only the group that you are in can see it.

Things to Note

  • For performance reasons, there is a limit of 250 participants per room in order to use Breakouts.
  • You cannot move people around once the breakout groups are active. 
  • Participants are required to click on Continue from their end to be taken into the breakout groups. 
  • Participants will be able to see messages that were sent in a breakout group before they joined. 
  • Everyone has the ability to send broadcast messages. 
  • Individual breakout groups are not included in the recording. Only the main room will be recorded. 
  • You are required to manually end breakout groups. This cannot be done automatically.


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