What Information Can Be Sent In the Session Chat?

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The Session chat is great for collaboration between participants. Here, you can send not only text messages, but also emojis, links, images, GIFs, and files. 


Share links to websites as well as media and documents hosted online. When a link is shared in the chat, the system will display the link preview by default. This cannot be removed.


Clicking on a link shared in the chat will take you to the website in a new tab within the browser being used.

If a link is shared within the chat for content that can be shared on screen, currently this only applies to YouTube videos, the participant that shared the link will see Present under the link preview. This will share the content on the screen for everyone to see. Otherwise, participants can choose to play YouTube videos in the chat window or open the link to navigate to the website in a different tab by clicking on it.

If a Workshop or Interactive Webinar-themed room is being used, the participant must be on stage in order to see the Present button in the chat.


You can use the Attach image button to send images located on your device. You may also drag and drop images into the chat window, or copy and paste them in. A total of 10 images can be sent at once using any of the three methods.

Photos and gifs sent within the chat can be clicked on by all participants to enlarge them.


The support image file types are .jpe, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .ico, .svg, .tif, .tiff, .ai, .drw, .pct, .xcf, and .webp.

GIFs (Giphy)

Apart from sending a GIF file as an image as described above, you can also add one by typing “/giphy searchterm” command in the chat and hitting Enter (e.g. /giphy celebrate). You will get a preview of the GIF and the option to shuffle. Once you find a suitable GIF, hit Send.   



You can also send emojis via chat. Simply click on the Emoji button at the bottom right, select the emoji(s) of your choice, then click on the Send icon or press Enter.

You may also copy and paste emojis from an external website such as getemoji.com and paste it into the chat.


The Attach image button can be used to share PDF and text files within the chat. You may also drag and drop them into the chat window to add them as attachments, then send them. 


Clicking on a file shared within the chat will allow you to save it to your device. 

Other file formats such as PowerPoints, Word docs, Excel docs, etc are not supported. These would have to be hosted online and the URL shared within the chat.

Things to Note

  • Emojis can be copied from other platforms and pasted into the chat, however, they will be sent as images, not emojis. It is best to copy emojis from a website such as getemoji.com to send in the chat.
  • Only PDF and TXT documents are supported within the chat panel. Other documents such as PowerPoints, Word docs, Excel docs, etc are not supported. These would have to be hosted online and the URL shared within the chat.
  • You may share links to Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides within the chat, however, please make sure that they are configured so that the participants can view and edit them (if applicable).
  • It is not possible to change the skin tone for emojis at this time, however, you may copy and paste these into the chat from some third-party websites.

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