Supported File Types and Dimensions

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The recommended file types and their dimensions differ based on where in the platform they are being used. Here's a breakdown of what's required.

Profile Images

You are able to set your profile image once you have created a Session account. Your profile image will be displayed as your avatar at the top right of the page, and on screen when your camera is turned off. Here's what we recommend for profile images:

  • Using JPEG or PNG images
  • Images 3MB or less
  • Using images with a 1:1 aspect ratio, however, you may use images with different dimensions and crop them down.
  • Taking into consideration that the image will be displayed rounded at the top right, and on screen when your video feed is turned off.
Note: The platform re-samples uploaded images downsizing them to 640x640 (1:1 aspect ratio).

Room and Lobby Backgrounds

There are millions of background images to choose from due to our Unsplash integration, however, you can upload your own as well. Although there are no dimension and size restrictions for backgrounds, here's what we recommend for background images:

  • Using JPEG or PNG images
  • Using images with a 16:9 ratio. Room background images are set to cover the entire background area, which means that the image will be adjusted to the size of the browser window. For this reason, we recommend using horizontally-oriented images with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio since it is the most. Our default backgrounds have 1920x1440 resolution.

  • Uploading images that are 5MB or less. (Larger images can be imported but they may increase the browser loading speed).
Tip: Always keep your background design in mind. If you’re using a branded background image with text, signs, etc., it’s better to place those elements closer to the center of the background image so they will be still visible on screens of different sizes.
Note: GIFS are not supported here.


You can add your organization's logo. It will show up within the Room and in the Room's Lobby. There are no dimension and size restrictions for Room logos and backgrounds. Here's what we recommend for logo images:

  • Using JPEG or PNG images. 
  • Using images 5MB or less.
Tip: Please make sure that your logo makes enough contrast against the black 60% transparent bar where it will be added. This is important especially if you’re using a file with a transparent background.


Virtual Backgrounds

You can upload your own images to use as virtual backgrounds. Here's what we recommend:

  • Using JPEG or PNG images.
  • Using images 5MB or less in size.
  • Horizontally-oriented images with an aspect ratio of 4:3, for example, an image with a resolution of 640x480.
Note: GIFs are not recommended as virtual backgrounds. They can be uploaded, however, they will not move. The first frame of the GIF would be used as a still photo. 


The chat supports images and documents. Here are all the supported file types:

  • The supported image file types in chat are JPE, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, SVG, TIF, TIFF, AI, DRW, PCT, XCF, and WEBP.
  • PDFs and TXT files are supported as well.
  • The recommended size for images and documents here is 5MB. 

Lobby Editor

Media can be added to the Lobby Editor which will, in turn, be displayed in your Room's lobby. Here's what we recommend for images used here:

  • Using JPEG or PNG images
  • Using images 5MB or less in size.
  • There is no specific dimension that we recommend here.

Things to note

  • While 5MB is the maximum image size supported across the platform, you may want to keep the file sizes below 1MB for faster loading. 

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