Managing Attendees Who Ask to Join a Session or Room

  • Updated

Hosts have the ability to require attendees to Ask to join before being let into a session/room. Hosts can configure this in the Security section of the Customization panel. This gives hosts the ability to control who they let into a session/room at any given time. 


Managing a request to join notification

When an attendee asks to join, all hosts in a session/room will see a notification in the top right corner of their screen to let them know. Any host can choose to Allow or Deny the attendee from joining.

If allowed, the attendee will join the session/room immediately. If denied, the attendee will have to wait before being able to ask again.

If a host is not present and an attendee asks to join, the host will see the notification once they join.


Turning on browser notifications for requests to join

Session account holders can enable browser notifications to let them know when others join the sessions/rooms they own.

To enable notifications:

  • Login to your Session account
  • Click on your avatar at the top right of the screen
  • Select Settings