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Frequently Asked Questions About the History Page

Q: What information is stored for my Sessions?
A: Session compiles all the data from your Session and puts them all in one place. This includes:

  1. Recordings (if the Session was recorded)
  2. The participant list
  3. The chat transcript
  4. Questions asked in the Q&A panel
  5. Links that were shared in the chat
  6. Images sent in the chat
  7. Documents

Q: What are Single History Cards?
A: Data is generated and stored for each new Session/call that is held in your Rooms.

Q: Is a history card created every time that I enter/join a room?
A: No. A single history card is only created if two or more people join a room or if the room was recorded. 

Q: Are deleted information stored in the history card?
A: No. Deleted information sent in the chat and Q&A questions is not stored.

Q: How can I share the information within the single history card with those who were in attendance?
A: To do this:

  • Go to the History page
  • Locate the single history card for the session/webinar
  • Click on Share page link at the top rightShare_page_link2.jpeg
  • Click on Copy link to copy the link to the single history card to your clipboard

Q: Can I export the Session data?
A: Yes. You are able to export the participant list for your sessions from the respective session history.  Other data found here cannot be exported at this time. 

Q: Is participant data saved for participants if they are removed from a Session room?
A: Yes. Participant data is saved for everyone that joined, even if they were removed.

Q: Are screen shares included in a Session recording?
A: Yes. Screen shares are included in the Session recordings.

Q: How do I save a recording?
A: Here's how:

  • From the Home page, click on History at the top
  • Click on the tile for the session/meeting/webinar you want to download the recording for
  • Click on Download next to the recording you want. It's possible to have several here if the recording was started and stopped several times. 


Double-click the downloaded file to play it.

Q: How do I find Session chat transcripts?:
A: Chat transcripts and questions asked in Q&A are displayed inside specific single history cards.
To locate the chat transcript:

  • Go to the History page
  • Locate the single history card for the Session or navigate to the share page link
  • The chat transcript is displayed to the left as shown below: 


Q: How do I find linked content and documents?
A: Linked content from sessions is displayed within the specific single history card. To see this content for a past session:



Q: Can I delete single history cards from the History tab?
A: Information cannot be deleted from the History tab currently. 

Q: How can I change the view on the History tab?
A: This is not possible at the moment. 


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