What are Room Themes in Session?

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With Session, room owners have the ability to choose between three themes when creating their rooms. The themes control the layout of the room, as well as the features and functionalities that are available to room owners, hosts, and participants. We created themes with the different ways that Session can be used in mind.

The three themes that are currently available are:

Click on the themes above for a detailed overview, or continue reading for a quick run-through of each.

The Meetup Theme

Our Meetup theme is great for small meetings and general use. It works for 1:1s all the way up to team syncs of up to 100 participants. With this theme, everyone’s video is the same size in the gallery view and everyone has access to the chat tab.


The Workshop Theme

This theme is for when the focus is on presenters sharing to a larger audience of up to 100. The audience's video is still visible in a gallery area below the stage. The host can bring individuals "on stage.


The Interactive Webinar Theme

The Interactive Webinar theme is similar to the Workshop theme but the audience is in chat mode only, with no video and audio. This theme is great for Q&A and streaming. Up to 3000 people can be in a room with this theme.


The Features and Functionalities of the Different Themes




  Interactive Webinar

The ability to be on screen



Screen share (incl. integrations)



Includes a Stage

Access to the toolbar


Facilitates Breakouts

Maximum room capacity*




Maximum stage capacity*




Maximum screen share*




Has a Lobby

Room can be locked

Can be recorded

*This is the recommended maximum capacity for optimum performance. Participants are not prevented from joining after the limits mentioned above are reached.
**Room owners and host can share their screens and use on screen integrations when they are not on the stage in Workshop and Interactive Webinar rooms

Note for Room Owners

The Meetup theme is the default highlighted when creating a new room, however, you can choose to use one of the other two themes when creating a room:


It is not possible to change the theme of a room after it has been created. You would be required to create a new room or switch to an already created room with the desired theme. For more information, please see Creating and Managing Session Rooms.

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