Adding Hosts to Your Sessions

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Adding a Host to Your Session Meeting

You can now add Hosts to your sessions! Hosts will have enhanced permissions to help ensure your session runs smoothly.

What Roles can a Session Have?

  • Room owner - owns the room, and has full control of all pre-meeting, in-meeting, and post-meeting actions.
  • Host - anyone who joins using the host link. Hosts can assist the room owner with all in-meeting actions.
  • Participant - everyone else. No special controls.

What Can Each Role Do?

  Room owner Host Participant
Permanently delete the room
See Session history in their dashboard
Add another host
Let people into locked rooms
Customize room
Mute individual guests
Mute all
Control breakouts Customizable*
Moderate the stage
Promote chat messages on stage
Delete participants' chat messages
Remove participants from the room
Start and end webinars

Host FAQs

Q: How do I add a host?
A: Each Session has a host link and a participant link, which you'll find in the Participants list. Simply copy and send the unique host link for your Session. Whoever joins the Session using that link will have host controls throughout the meeting.



Q: How do I join as a host?

A: A room owner or another host will need to send you a host link. Once you have the host link, all you need to do is use that link to join the room or webinar.

You will not need to ask to join if you are joining a locked room using the host link.

Q: How many hosts can I have?
A: There is no limit to the number of hosts you can have in a session room.

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