Managing Co-Hosts for Your Sessions

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Role Types

There are 3 roles for sessions:

  • Organizer - Users who create a session. These users have full permissions for managing, customizing, and controlling a session.
  • Co-Host - Users who join using a co-host link. On paid plans, organizers can add unlimited co-hosts to sessions. These users have full permissions for customizing and controlling the session, except the ability to manage the session in their dashboard.
  • Attendee - Anyone else who joins a session. These users have no permissions for managing, customizing, or controlling the session.


Role Permissions

Permission Organizer Co-Host Attendee
Create a session
Customize a session
Delete a session
See history for a session
Add a co-host
Allow attendees into a session
Mute attendees / mute all
Start and manage breakouts Customizable*
Manage and moderate the stage
Start and manage integrations
Highlight chat messages
Delete chat messages
Remove attendees from a session
Start and end a session


How to Add a Co-Host

Every session has a co-host link and an attendee link, which are available in multiple locations throughout Session.

Simply copy and share the co-host link for anyone to use when joining your session. When they join using the co-host link, they automatically get co-host permissions. 

Co-Host Link Locations

On the dashboard card for a session or room.


Clicking the info link button in the bottom right corner while inside a session.


In the Attendees side panel while in a session.