Overview of Rooms

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What are rooms?

Rooms are permanent sessions that can be joined at any time. Rooms are great for Meetings, Collaboration Sessions, Recurring Hangouts, and more.


Viewing rooms in your dashboard

Once you've set up a room, you can see them on your account's dashboard. In the tab navigation, click Rooms to filter for rooms only.



Dashboard cards for rooms

The dashboard cards for rooms are simpler versions of cards for sessions. You can see the following information on room cards:

  • Room name
  • Last used date
  • Background image for the room
  • Primary CTA to Join the room



Things to note

  • Rooms are sorted in the dashboard based on their last used date.
  • You can change the name of a room at any time, but you cannot change the url.
  • Rooms are passcode-protected by default, but you can turn this off at any time in the customization settings while in the room.
  • Rooms can be duplicated or deleted from the dashboard. When rooms are duplicated, all settings and customization for that room will be copied to the new room.