Overview of the Home Page (Dashboard)

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The Home tab also called the dashboard is where you’re taken to when you log into your Session account. All your created rooms and webinars can be found here and are displayed as tiles.

Rooms are arranged chronologically here based on the date and time that they were last used. Webinars are arranged chronologically as well, however, this is based on the date and time that they are scheduled to start.


At the top of the page, you have the navigation panel. Clicking on History will take you to the History Page.

The Create New section just below the tab names enables you to create a new room or create a webinar.


Rooms Tiles

Each of your rooms will be displayed here as tiles. The tile will have the following:

  1. Background image: The image that is shown here is the image that is set as the room’s background (inside the room).
  2. The name of the room
  3. The last time that the room was used
  4. The room menu and settings button
  5. The Join button to enter the room's lobby then the 

The photo below shows the areas highlighted with the coinciding numbers as listed above:


Under Room settings, you’ll be able to 

  • Rename and change privacy settings



The room's join link will not be affected if the name of the room is changed. The name that was set when the room was created will remain. If you would like to change it, you would be required to create a new room.

  • Copy the participant link: Click on Copy here to copy the Participant join link for the room. Paste it anywhere you'd like to such as in a calendar invite, an email, or a message. Anyone that joins with this link will be a normal participant in the room.


  • Copy the host link: Click on Copy here to copy the host join link for the room. Send it to those who you would like to have host privileges


  • Join the room or start the webinar. The button here will differ based on if the tile is for a room or a webinar. Click on it to join the room, or start the webinar.
  • Select Customize to be taken to the customization page to customize the room and to customize the lobby.  
  • Duplicate the room: Session allows you to duplicate an existing room. The customization settings are copied over to the new room. View the related article for more.
  • Delete the room: You have the option to delete your rooms, however, please note that deleting a room is irreversible. You will be notified of this before you can complete the deletion process.
    Check out How to Delete a Session Room for more information. 

Things to note

  • It is not possible to filter or automatically sort your rooms.
  • You can find your webinars at the bottom of the Home page or you can click on Webinars at the top to quickly find them.

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