Network and Connectivity Troubleshooting

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In this article, we cover what to check for and the necessary steps to take if you are experiencing issues with your network connection. 

How to tell if you might be having connection issues?

The session is configured to display warnings and error messages when issues are detected due to your internet connection.

You might encounter a poor connection warning that says, "Your connection is unstable. Video and audio may cut in and out". You might start noticing the audio and video cutting in and out before this warning pops up or other participants.

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Troubleshooting Steps to Take

When this happens, check your internet connection at If your internet connection isn't ideal, there are some things that might help:

  1. Use ethernet cable instead of wifi.
  2. Make sure there are no software updates, online radio/streaming apps, torrents running in the background, and that other people aren’t heavily using the same internet connection (e.g. IPTV or kids on an Xbox)
  3. Reboot the device and router.
  4. Connect to a hotspot that has better speed if available.

Your network connection has disconnected

If there is a drop in your internet connection, an error message will display to say, "Your network connection has disconnected. Attempting to reconnect..."

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​You may also receive an error message in the Chat panel as well that says "Connection failure, reconnecting now."

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If this happens, we recommend:

  1. checking to make sure that your network is connected to the internet. 
      • If your network is not connecting to the internet, please try using a different network.
  2. checking your internet connection at If your internet connection isn't ideal please try the troubleshooting steps above.

Check Your CPU

Devices with low processing power may significantly slow down when you join video calls, especially if a lot of people are on camera. Using streaming software or virtual cameras adds to high CPU usage. This may result in lagging or frozen video feeds, grayed-out video feeds, issues with an unresponsive browser, etc.

To check if CPU usage is causing it, you need to check CPU usage when the issue occurs. On macOS that’s Cmd+Space > Activity Monitor. On Windows it’s Ctrl+Alt+Delete > Task Manager > Performance. If your CPU usage is high, there are some things that might help below:

  1. Closing other applications.
  2. If you're using a virtual camera or a virtual background, switch it off.
  3. Participants switching their cameras off.
  4. Switching from Chrome to Firefox.
  5. If a more powerful device is available, switching to it is recommended.

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