Selecting and Switching Your Audio and/or Video Settings

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Let's take a look at how to configure your audio and video settings before and during a Session. 

Configuring your Microphone and Speaker

  • Join/enter a Session room
  • You will be taken to the room's lobby, where you'll see the call preview (your video and audio feed)
  • Allow Session access to your camera and microphone by clicking on Allow in the pop-up that will appear.


  • Here you can select your microphone and speaker settings by clicking on the drop-down icon next to the microphone icon. Then you will see and be able to select the available microphone and speaker from the list of connected and built-in devices:


When inside the room, the controls will be at the bottom of the screen in the toolbar and the audio settings icon will be a drop-up icon next to the microphone, however, it works the same.


You can tell that your microphone is working by looking at the microphone icon. If you are speaking and there is a green bar moving inside the icon, it is working.

Configuring your Video Settings

  • You will also see the drop-down menu next to the camera icon. This is the video settings where you can select which camera you would like to join the Session with and/or select a virtual background


When inside the room, the controls will be at the bottom of the screen and the video settings icon will be a drop-up icon next to the camera, however, it works the same.

You can tell that your camera is working once you can see yourself in the preview window. If your built-in or external camera has a privacy window, ensure that is it not closed. 

Join a Session with Audio Muted and/or Camera Turned Off

You can mute your microphone and turn off your camera in just two clicks. Simply

  • click on the microphone icon to mute yourself


  • Click on the camera icon to turn off your video feed


  • Once you are happy with your audio and camera settings, click on the blue Join room button or Knock to enter if the room is locked to enter.

To undo either muting yourself or turning your camera off, simply click on the microphone or camera icon again.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Audio and Video Settings

You can use keyboard shortcuts while inside a Session room to turn your video on and off, mute and unmute yourself, and push to talk!

  • V - to turn off your camera or video
  • M - to mute your audio
  • Space - Press and hold to open unmute and speak
  • Cmd+Option / Win+Alt - (also hold it down) to unmute yourself when muted

See the Session Keyboard Shortcuts article for a complete list of our keyboard shortcuts.

Things to note

  • The steps are the same to select or change your video and camera devices while inside a Session room, however, the video settings and audio settings icons will be a drop-up icon.

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