Raise Your Hand in Session

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You can raise your hands to let everyone know that you would like to speak. 

How to Raise Your Hand in a Session

  • While inside the room, click on the Emoji reactions icon in the bar at the bottom


  • Select Raise hand


A hand icon will show up at the top right of your video feed so that the Host and others can see that you have raised your hand.


You'll be able to see that your hand is raised by looking at the Emoji reactions icon too. A hand icon will also be shown next to your name within the Participants panel as well.

Participants are sorted by raised hand time in ascending order and then alphabetically in the Participants panel.

Lowering Your Hand

You can lower your hand if you've changed your mind about speaking or after you have gotten your turn to speak. 

  • Click on the Emoji actions icon 


  • Click on Lower hand


Keyboard Shortcut to Raise and Lower Your Hand

You can easily raise or lower your hand in a Session by pressing the letter H on your keyboard. You don't need to have the Emoji reactions menu open for it to work, but if you have it opened, it will work just the same. 

Things to note

  • Room owners and hosts cannot lower participants' hands at this time. 
  • A sound notification will be played when someone raises their hand in a Session.

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