How to Mute Other Attendees

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Hosts have the ability to mute specific attendees in the session/room or mute all attendees at once.

Mute a specific attendee

To mute someone in the room, hover over their video tile to reveal the overflow menu (three dots) at the top right of their video tile. In the menu, click Mute for everyone.

Alternatively, you can select the mic button next to someone's name in the Attendees panel, which will give you the option to mute that specific attendee.


Mute all attendees

To mute everyone in the session/room, click the Mute all button at the top of the Attendees panel. You will see a confirmation dialog to ensure you want to proceed with muting everyone.


Things to note

  • Attendees cannot mute other attendees. This action can only be done by hosts.
  • Attendees will be muted automatically if they join a room with more than 6 attendees. 
  • Everyone in a session/room will be automatically muted if someone shares a YouTube video, including the person who shared the video.