How to Draw On-Screen Using the Scribble Tool

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In Session, the Scribble Tool allows participants to draw on screen shared content. This helps direct the conversation and focus the group on specific parts of the content. It's also a fun and collaborative way to whiteboard!

This feature is available in all themes to all participants, however, it can be disabled for the room by the room owner and hosts. To disable the feature, go to the room customization panel > Click on Engagement under the Room heading > Slide the toggle off next to "Scribble".

Using the Scribble Tool

To get started, click on the Cursor Picker (pencil). The Cursor Picker appears when someone shares their screen or if you are the one screen sharing. 


  • Select the color pencil that you would like to use
  • Start drawing on screen!


Everyone will be able to see your drawings and they will disappear after a few seconds on their own. 

Pro tip: If you would like your drawing to stay on screen for longer, simply click anywhere on the screen share with the pencil before or when it starts to fade!

It is not possible to erase a drawing that you have made on a screen share. You will need to wait until it disappears on its own, which doesn't take very long. 

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