How to Record a Session Room

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With Hopin's Session, you have the option to record what is happening in a Session room if you would like to!

By default, only room owners and hosts can start and stop recording, however, the room can be configured so that participants can do this as well.

How to configure a Room's recording permissions

  • Access the room using your room owner account or join using the host link
  • Click on the customize room icon cog_wheel.JPG 
  • Select Permissions


  • Click within the drop-down menu next to "Start & stop recording"
  • It is set to Hosts by default. Select Anyone to allow anyone in the room to control the recording feature.


Starting the Recording

To record a room, you must first be logged in and inside the Session room. Once there:

  • Click on the Tools icon at the bottom right
  • Click on Start recording


  • That's it!

Participants will be notified that the meeting is being recorded with a sound and a toast that will appear at the top right of the room. It will also say who started the recording. Additionally, a small recording banner will continue to be displayed at the top left to indicate that the Session is being recorded.


How to Stop the Recording

To stop the recording, simply click on where it says Recording at the top left


Alternatively, you may click on the Tools icon and then click on Stop recording.


Participants will be notified that the recording has stopped and they will be able to see who stopped it as well.

Tip! The same meeting can produce multiple recordings. Feel free to start and stop the recording as you like to create multiple tracks! They can all be found within the same history card for the particular Session/meeting. Check out this article to learn how to locate and share your Session recordings. 

How do I record the chat?

The chat panel is recorded for meetings held in Workshop and Interactive Webinar-themed rooms. You don't have to do anything special for the messages to be recorded. Just start the recording as normal.

Here's an example of how to recording looks when the chat is recorded as well:

The chat will not be recorded when the Meetup-themed room is used. 

Things to note

  • Auto-record is enabled for all webinars by default but can be turned off once the webinar has started.
  • It is not possible for sessions held in regular rooms to be automatically recorded.
  • Screen shares and YouTube videos will be included in the recording.
  • Participants whose cameras and mic were off will be included in the recording.
  • It is not possible to record breakout groups. Only the main room will be included in the recording.

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