How to Record in Session

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Recordings are a host control available in both rooms and sessions. One-time sessions are recorded by default, while rooms can be recoded on-demand by any host in the room. 



Managing permissions for recordings

Hosts can configure who can start and stop recordings: Hosts only (default) or Anyone (means any attendee can start and stop a recordings). Hosts can change these permissions in the Permissions menu within the Customization panel.



Starting a recording

Hosts can hover over the Record widget in the Host Controls panel to reveal a Start button.

Upon clicking Start, a confirmation dialog box will popup to ensure the host has consent from everyone in the room/session before starting the recording.

Once the recording starts, everyone in the room/session will hear a sound and a Recording indicator in the top left corner will appear while the recording is in progress.


Stopping a recording

Hosts can hover over the Recording indicator to reveal a Stop recording button. Clicking the button will trigger a sound and stop the recording for everyone. The recording will be saved in the organizer's history on their dashboard.

Alternatively, hosts can hover over the Record widget in the Host Controls panel to reveal a Stop button. Upon clicking the button, a sound will be triggered and the recording will stop for everyone.


What is included in a recording?

Everything on screen will be included in the recording, except the Chat, bottom toolbar, and any side panels. The chat transcript can be accessed separately on the history page in the organizer's dashboard. 

Note: Breakout groups will not be recorded. When a group is started, any active recording will pause, and then resume once breakouts end.