Participants/Presenters: How to Go On Stage (Taking the Stage)

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If you are in a Workshop or Interactive Webinar themed room, you'll notice that there is a stage. You may be wondering how to go up on stage as well, or how to 'take the stage' as we like to call it. 

Taking the Stage

Once the Session starts in a room that has a stage, it will be empty. Depending on the room's settings, any participant will be able to go on the stage at this point, or access may be restricted to just the room owner based on the settings of the room.

If access is not restricted simply click on Take the stage to go up on stage:


Alternatively, if access to the stage is restricted, you will see that the stage is empty, however, there won't be an option for you to 'take the stage'. Instead, there will be a message that says "Waiting for the host to take the stage." See below:


In this case, you can only go on stage if the room owner or host invites you to join.

What Do I Do If I Am Invited to the Stage?

The steps that you are required to take after being invited to 'take the stage' will depend on the theme of the room that you are in. 

Workshop themed room

You will be automatically brought up onto the stage if you are added on stage by the room owner or host. This is because you would have already been in the room with your audio and video configured. 

Interactive Webinar themed room

If you are added to the stage in an Interactive Webinar themed room, you will be notified that you are being invited to go up on stage. You can configure your audio and video settings, including setting a virtual background then click on Accept in the window that appears:


Once you click on Accept, you'll appear on stage.

If you don't want to go up on stage you may click on Decline to decline the invite. The Host will then be notified that you declined the invite. 


How Do I Leave the Stage?

To leave the stage, simply click on the Leave stage button in the banner at the top of the Room.


You can also click on the Leave room button in the controls at the bottom of the room to leave the stage and the room. Participants may do this if the Session is about to end.

If you leave the room while on stage but plan to return, you'll need to take the stage again or wait to be added again by the room owner or host. 

The room owner or host can remove you from the stage as well.

Things to note

  • Requests can't be sent to the host or room owner for you to be added to the stage. They could let them know that they would like to be added within the chat though. 
  • Only the room owner and host can add participants to the stage or remove other participants from the stage.
  • If the stage setting is configured so that anyone can take the stage when it's empty, participants will be unable to go on stage if someone else is already there. The take the stage button will only show when the stage is empty.

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