How to Use Engagement Features in Session

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Session offers a bunch of engagement features for you to make the experience more fun and interactive. All of these engagement features are on by default for rooms and sessions.



Our signature feature is clicking to confetti! 🎉 Click on another attendee's video tile or shared screen to show your excitement, appreciation, or encouragement. When hovering over the tile or shared screen, your cursor will automatically turn into a confetti cursor - rapidly click to make confetti fireworks. 


Note: Confetti is not available in sessions/rooms that use the Webinar theme, unless you are a host or on stage. We do this to avoid hundreds of webinar attendees clogging up the content being shared or the presenter on stage. Separately, hosts have the ability to turn off confetti in the session/room permission settings, but it is on by default. 



When a screen is being shared, you have the option to turn your confetti cursor into a scribble cursor. When you select the scribble cursor, you can draw on the screen using 6 different colors. Everyone in the session/room will be able to see your scribbles, and your drawings will fade out after a few seconds. Try it out to direct attendees to a particular element on screen or as a way to collaboratively whiteboard!


Note: Hosts have the ability to turn off scribble in the session/room permission settings, but it is on by default. If turned off, your cursor will only support confetti (unless that is turned off too).


Emoji Reactions

Select from 6 different emojis to show your emotions in a session/room:

As you click the emojis, they fly up on your video tile for everyone to see:


Pro Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut (E) to bring up the emoji reactions menu, and then select 1-6 on your keyboard to use each of the emojis.


Raise Hand

You can raise your hand to let everyone in the session/room know that you would like to speak.

To raise your hand, click the button in the bottom toolbar. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut (H) to do the same.

A sound will play for everyone in the session/room and your video tile will display your raised hand in its top right corner. Your raised hand will also display next to your name in the Attendees panel for everyone to see.

When you need to lower your hand, you can do so by clicking the button again in the bottom toolbar.



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