How to Use the Session Confetti On-Screen

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What's a Session without some confetti?!🎉 This is one of the signature features of our platform and is enabled by default for all users. Use the confetti burst to celebrate team members or something that is being shared on screen. 

How it works!

To add a burst of confetti on screen, simply click on someone's video tile or on the screen share tile on screen. 


By default in Session, your mouse cursor can turn into a confetti burst generator that shoots confetti out of your profile picture at the spot where you click.

Pro-tip: Rapidly click to cause a fun “fireworks” effect with your confetti bursts.

Things to note

  • It's not possible to add confetti to your own video feed.
  • You can switch between using your cursor to add confetti and the scribble tool to draw on a screen shares

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