How to Use the Timer Widget

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The Timer is available as a widget in both rooms and sessions via the Host Controls panel. Hosts can set a timer for any duration, which displays to all attendees in sessions/rooms.



Starting a timer

Hosts can hover over the Timer widget in the Host Controls panel to reveal a Start button.

Upon clicking Start, the Timer widget will show up in the top left corner of the screen for the host to enter a duration or select from the preset options. If entering a custom duration, hosts can only enter the time in minutes and seconds. The maximum amount of minutes that the Timer can be set for is 99 minutes.

After starting the timer, a sound will be played to all attendees and a popup toast will appear at the top center of the screen to indicate who started the timer.


Adjusting the timer

Any host can hover over the Timer widget to reveal a +1 min button and a Close (X) button. Hosts can keep adding one minute to the timer to extend the timer length for all. 


Stopping the timer

To stop the Timer, hosts can click the Stop button. However, this will not close the Timer.

To close the Timer, click the Close (X) button on the Timer widget or hover over the Timer widget in the Host Controls panel to reveal a Stop button.


Things to note

  • There is no limit to how often the timer can be paused and resumed.
  • If a host stops the timer, it can be restarted with the same duration.
  • Stopping the timer does not close the timer.